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Chemical industry filter plant renewal
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Reporter on November 22 from the Chinese Petrochemical Fushun Petroleum Chemical industry Research institute found that the overall technology achieves the international advanced level the motion bed filtration craft and the equipment, developed by this courtyard successful and passed the technical appraisal which in Beijing the Chinese petrochemical group organized. This achievement's success development and the industrial application, have provided the technical support for our country petroleum chemical industry system filtration technical level promotion and the updating equipment update, has the positive sense to our country environmental product's development. the this courtyard development's motion bed filtration technology is composed of the motion bed filter and the necessary craft, uses in processing the sewage standards waste water, but removes in the water effectively the suspension, and may reduce pollutant and so on COD. This motion bed filter's characteristic is: The filtration and instead washes also carries on, produces the water, the filtration effect, to filter the material well cleanly thorough, the movement to be steady continuously, the ease of operation, filters the material not to harden, demonstrates the good industry promotion application prospect. it is reported that the filtration processing unit applies in the petroleum chemical industry water disposal system universally very, in the past before sewage standards emissions processing, sewage sales commission processing, circulating water field's side filtered, the oil field to pick the water leakage reinjection processing and so on, has used automatically instead washes the fixed bed filtration technology. Its biggest shortcoming is produces the water not to be continual, the filter medium appears frequently hardens, causes the backwash water quantity to be big and the replacement filters the material to be frequent, does not favor enterprise's saving water to reduce the platoon. the Fushun Petrochemical Research institute in view of the fixed bed filtration technology existence's question, regarding the motion bed equipment's structure composition, the technological process, instead washes aspects and so on module constitution to launch the deep research. in 2002, this courtyard completed moved the design which and the construction the bed filtered slightly tries to install, had determined the equipment structure, the technological parameter, have realized the equipment stereotypia and the laboratory long-term test; Afterward has completed the motion bed filtration pilot plant process design and the design, and completes the pilot plant. The equipment debugging, the continuous running experiment and are related the parameter determination the result to demonstrate that this project research has made the anticipated filtration progress, has provided the technology base for the industry enlargement.since 2006, this craft and the equipment have carried on the commercial test in the Chinese Petrochemical Tianjin Subsidiary company's refinery sewage field. The result indicated that moved the bed filter industry to enlarge is successfully redundant has slightly tried with the experimental result, had the start to be rapid, the filtration effect was good, clean water volume and air amount used few and so on characteristics. In addition, this technology also has the visualization in the operation aspect, can discover in promptly the water the suspension density change, instructs the filter operation, guarantees the water leakage water quality, and may carry on the accuracy control to the clean water volume.
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