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The arsenic filter plant attains 1,000,000 bonuses
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¡¡¡¡Associated Press news: The American Country Academy of engineering (National Academy of Engineering) on February 1 announces, ¡°sustainable disposition Ringle will challenge the prize¡± (Grainger Challenge Prize for Sustainability) to award George ¡¤ the plum woods university (George Mason University) chemistry Professor Abe ¡¤ Hu Shan (Abul Hussam). He developed namely simply the cheap well water to eliminate the arsenic filtration system to obtain 1,000,000 bonuses. This technology is already operational, solves the tell on health arsenic contamination concern for his hometown Bangladesh's residents. Hu Shan in 1978 migrated the US, latter has obtained the civil status and the analytical chemistry doctorate. He offers the professional profession's majority of time and the energy in the solution arsenic pollution research. east India with Bangladesh's many areas, the local farmer's tap water is from has the bacterium and virus's pond Shui Huoshui the mine-water. The international assistance organization to solve the local tap water problem, provides the subsidization digging water well, causes the residents to drink to the clean ground water. But, aids the organization not to discover that the local ground water the natural arsenic concentration is very high. Although the infectious case reduces, actually advanced with the arsenic pollution related skin disease and cancer disease incidence rate. This question only then can take seriously until the 90s. ¡°I and my brother sisters drink such well water.¡± Hu Shan said that his family member morbidity possibly has not been because the diet nutrition is good, to the arsenic which takes in has certain resistance function. the California Berkeley (University of California at Berkeley) epidemiology expert Allan ¡¤ Smith (Allan Smith) said that arsenic pollution effect whole world over a million people, are letting the people believe these look like the clean water in fact are virulent are not easy. ¡°this kind of pollution does not look, also does not smell.¡±Smith said that ¡°looks like the clear volunteer fire brigade 20-30 years later initiates the lungs illness sickness, this point is not strange. But regarding common people this possibly is inconceivable.¡± Hu Shan Hua many year test each kind of filtration system. The final achievement is one simple, exempts the maintenance the system, including the gravel, the coal, the strutting and the iron. Each filter include 20 pounds iron. The iron and the arsenic form the chemical bond, the trace concentration arsenic may also remove. Hu Shan said that in Bangladesh's Qursh peduncle Asia (Kushtia), filtration system each week's productivity nearly 200, each selling price 40 dollars. At present, is operational is not below 30,000. he will plan will attain the bonus 70% to use in the filter continuing the promotion; 25% use in further scientific research; Other 5% donation give George ¡¤ the plum woods university. 2007 sustainable prize fund subsidizes by Grimm the Ghale, essential target: Solution arsenic contamination concern; Evaluation condition: Under electrification's premise, the establishment economy is not feasible, perform reliably, environment friendly arsenic pollution solution measure.

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