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Polypropylene yarn

 Product Name£ºPolypropylene yarn

 Product Class£ºPolypropylene yarn

 Published Time£º2008-11-25


1.)Brief accont

Polypropylene yarn is made from the premium polypropylene slice without poison and odor,processing from the chopped fiber,comb the wool,then spinning into the one-ply yarn (polypropylene yarn),which is the main material for manufaturing the wirewound filter cartridge.Polypropylene axle is made of the polypropylene particle without poison and odor,process into the muti hole axle by injection modeling.It is the important material of wirewound filter cartridge.

2.)Size (unusual size cab be manufactured by the order)

    0.6g/m, 0.8g/m, 1g/m, 1.2g/m, 1.4g/m

3.)Main technical parameter for Polypropylene yarn

  Color: white  Size:¦Õ1.8mm;  Fiber length: 76-78mm

  Denier: 5~6D Fiber strength: 10kg  Twist:80/m

  Twist direction: Z(Clockwise); Oil length: 0.5%

  Foaming status:Foaming height less than 3mm after 10 seconds,and foaming height less than 1mm after 40 seconds.


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